Organic and Kosher

Certified Quality

We are certified with several kosher agencies as well as International Certification Services, Inc..  We hold Kosher Certifications for the products mentioned. You can view each Certificate by clicking on the following link : Kosher Certification

Seco Spice began developing Organic products in 2000. We started with fresh organic green chile and have now included organic roasted, diced, frozen green chile that we provide for some of the finest, healthiest and largest grocery retailers in the country. As a result of the popularity of our Organic Green chile products, we now offer almost all of our powders and spice blends organically.

Certified Kosher Items

Ancho Chile Pepper
Cayenne Chile Pepper
Chipotle Chile Peppers
Chipotle Chile Powder
Green Chile Pepper
Habanero Chile Pepper
Jalapeno Chile Pepper
Jalapeno Chile Powder

Organic Ancho Chile Pepper
Organic Cayenne Chile Pepper
Organic Habanero
Organic Green Chile Pepper
Organic Jalapeno Pepper
Organic Red Chile Pepper