Microbial Reduction Process

SafeSteril 450 Continuous Dry Steam Microbial Reduction Process

Seco Spice Ltd Co is proud to introduce the SafeSteril 450 Continuous Dry Steam Microbial Reduction Process (CDSMRP). Given the ever increasing government regulation (Food Safety Modernization Act) and the public demand for safe food, Seco Spice has chosen to invest in a proven pasteurization/sterilization system as a natural treatment method and consistent with our organic certification programs. A 1,500 square foot Finished Product Clean Room was constructed to house the sterilization equipment here on-site at Seco Spice.

The SafeSteril 450 is used by several large spice companies here in the United States and many others abroad. The system is unique in that it utilizes both Thermal and Steam treatment for microbial reduction. It can be automated to pasteurize or sterilize our products with an in-line processing approach. Thus minimizing the time it takes to produce, treat, and package our customers' finished product.

The system is based on a unique patented design in which product moves through an electrically heated and metered stainless steel auger. Simultaneously, product passes through wet and saturated steam in series for a very efficient microbial reduction process. Product that meets heat and dwell time critical parameters will then move to a quick cooling process based on cold surface transfer and dry, cool air. All settings can be customized to provide the needed level of treatment.

Steam sterilizers have been used in the food industry for many years. These are typically batch retorts. Our unit is unlike these in that it provides continuous treatment with great uniformity
throughout. We have had successful treatment on our dry chile and paprika products of all sizes including powders, flakes, and crushed.